Our mission is simple and focused: to help educate the children of nomadic families in northeastern Samburu.

Our organization is based on a commitment to being goal-oriented, accountable, and highly effective. We establish clear objectives, put measurements in place to monitor them, and take corrective action immediately to ensure we always remain on track.

We are a 100% volunteer-run organization that has come together to help the Samburu realize their dream of educating their children. We have no administrative overhead, so donations directly reach the children of Samburu. The Thorn Tree Project is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization called The Sereolipi Nomadic Education Foundation Inc.

Our mission comes from the Samburu people themselves. It is a privilege to be invited into the Samburu tribe, and we make sure that everything we do is in tune with their culture and aligned with their goals. We aim to have the smallest possible footprint in Samburu, maintaining our focus on education.