In rural Kenya, the government provides less than 45% of what is needed to run a basic school capable of delivering adequate academic standards.

Sponsoring a whole class of 30 to 40 students costs $9,000 per year. To sponsor a class of students, please contact



Our goal is to improve the quality of education so that every student in every class achieves 60% or more in all 5 subjects

When we first started helping the Samburu people Ndonyo Wasin grade school received just 30% of the funding it would need to function at a basic academic level: 3 government teachers were responsible for teaching 8 classes of students, one textbook was shared among 4 students, and students would receive a small lunch from the government, but no breakfast or dinner. Unsurprisingly, grades at our two primary schools were well below the national average.

In 2008, we decided to close the gap and produce a significant improvement in our student’s grades and academic performance. 

We hired more teachers, bought more textbooks, provided breakfast and dinner, and built up a herd of camels to provide milk to improve each child’s nutritional intake. We made it clear to both teachers and parents that these resources were conditional on the schools achieving zero teacher and student absenteeism and completing the syllabus at the end of the second term. We also added extra teaching time at the end of the day. 

We built a large new library at each school with more than 2,000 english reading books in it. An english language teacher is in charge of the library and the goal is to ensure that every student is fluent in english which is the language for all text books and exams. Each student has one hour of guided reading in the library every afternoon.

Our sponsored schools

Ndonyo Wasin Primary School

Opened in 1969 with just 6 classrooms. In 2002 it had just 34 students at school. It now has 348


Sereolipi Primary School

Opened in 1970 with just 3 class rooms with another 5 added over the next 10 years. In 2002 it had 96 students. It now has 412.



Lerata Primary School  

In 2007 the people of Lerata asked us to help their primary school. This completed our coverage of North East Samburu  



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