First of all we needed dormitories to house all the children coming in from the nomadic preschools. 10 generous supporters donated enough money to construct 10 dormitories with shower blocks, toilets, and solar lighting and we equipped them with new bunk beds, mattresses, mosquito nets and and sheets.

Other generous supporters helped us renovate old classrooms and build new ones so that there was one classroom for every grade. Each year we added new desks and at the beginning of the school year we bought each student a brand new school uniform. 

At Ndoyno Wasin, students had been walking 4 kilometers a day to fetch water from an open well in a dry river bed that was polluted by animals at night so we put in a new solar powered well for clean running water. A new kitchen was built to prepare meals for the growing student population. An ambulance and driver were donated to look after the health of the students in both the grade schools and in the surrounding kindergartens.