We believe in applying the best business practices to the management of our programs. We are focused on the end results of our goal and on accountability.

We work closely with local Samburu leaders to create clear objectives for all of our initiatives. We analyze problems together, generate solutions, create effective strategies, and identify measurements by which to monitor our progress.  

In 2001 there were no preschools for the nomadic children. 

Today, there are 10 nomadic preschools.


In 2001 there were only 130 children in grades 1 to 8.

Today, we support 1,500 students.

In 2005 not a single student graduated from high school technical school or college.

Today, we have 160 students in the Scholarship Program.

In 2007 average mean grades across classes 1 to 8 were 200.

Three years later we increased mean grades to over 300 and it has held at this level.


Recently, the very first students who started school at the Thorn Tree preschools in 2002 have begun to graduate from trade school and college. These students were the first person in their families to ever go to school. There are 32 of them now with another hundred or more right behind them. They all have jobs and send part of their wages home. They have a great sense of duty and responsibility and they are very proud to be able to do this. Many are helping to put their younger siblings through school. 



  • Local motor bike taxi driver who is able to ferry old and sick community members
  • Local mason constructing houses
  • Restaurant and shop owner
  • Ndonyo Wasin grade school Math teacher
  • Administrative Assistant at Ndonyo Wasin grade school
  • Chef at Sarara, a 5 star lodge 
  • National Youth Service member
  • Security Manager at one of Nairobi's largest shopping malls
  • Local nurse at Ndonyo Wasin clinic
  • First female ranger at Samburu National Park with a degree in tourism
  • Associate of BOMA, a micro-finance organization helping women to start small businesses
  • A local high school English teacher
  • Mechanic at Kenya's largest grain farm
  • Ranger at the Rhino Sanctuary in Sera
  • IT manager in Nairobi