Our mentors work with the students right through to getting their first job. Those that have graduated all have jobs and send part of their wages home. They have a great sense of duty and responsibility and they are very proud to be able to do this. 


 The Samburu way of life is very compelling and they keep in touch with their families and each other and return home whenever they can. Many are putting their younger siblings through school.

Read about some of the JOBS THEY HAVE

A teacher at Ndonyo Wasin grade school teaching math
A nurse at Ndonyo Wasin clinic. He knows every family in the area and lives next to the clinic
A motor bike taxi driver able to go on paths to remote areas and pick up the sick and old people
Our first female ranger at Samburu National Park using her diploma in tourism to start at the bottom and work her way up
An employee of BOMA a microfinance organization helping women start small businesses in the area.
An English teacher at a high school in Nanyuki
A mechanic working on harvesting equipment at the largest grain growing farm in Kenya
Security manager at one of Nairobi’s largest shopping malls.
An IT manager in Nairobi
A ranger at the newly opened Rhino Sanctury at Sera.
A builder of houses in the area
A restaurant owner
An administrative assistant at Ndonyo Wasin schools
A trainee at a leather garment organization in Nairobi producing high quality items for the tourist market
A chef at Sarara – the 5 star lodge near Sereolipi.
A member of the National Youth Service army
A policeman training to be a detective.

In addition, and particularly gratifying, three of the students who graduated from grade 8 but did not go on to high school have returned to the preschool where they started and are teaching there. We are helping them to get their diplomas in Early Childhood Development