Things in Kenya do not cost much and donations, both big and small, make a difference.

The Thorn Tree Project is registered as a 501(C)3 Nonprofit Organization called The Sereolipi Nomadic Education Foundation. All donations and direct contributions are tax deductible at their full value.

$8 A New School Uniform
$20 Breakfast for one Student for One Year
$75 for 15 New Library Books
$100 New Student Bunkbeds for Dormitories
$700 Solar Lighting Panel for Classroom or Dormitory
$1,000 Pays for a Nomadic Preschool for one year

$2,000 Teacher’s Salary for one year
$1,250 Sends a Student to Highschool for One Year
$1,750 Sends a Student to university for One Year.
$9,000 Supports an entire Classroom of 35 Students for One Year